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The Big Ol’ Dan River Logjam

Yes, I can make a SouthsideCentral article out of dead trees and mud.

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Danville City Council – LIVE! (10/8/15)

Editor’s Note: I’ve started the long editing process on this article. I’ll be adding lots of content, but it could take a while. I’ll put a note up when the article is finalized.

We’re LIVE! at Danville City Hall for tonight’s Danville City Council meeting. Be sure to refresh this page often for the latest photos, happenings and commentary. We’ll clean this article up tonight when we get home. Let’s get started!

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The update on the “Backyard Blight?” article

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on today’s “Backyard Blight?” article and I sincerely thank Susan Stilwell for lots of the information.

Let’s take a look at what I’ve found out.

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Backyard Blight?

Editor’s Note: I’ve written a follow-up article to address what I’ve learned about this building. Click on this link to read that article.

We all know that the City of Danville is cracking down on blighted properties because they look bad, drive down property values and can be safety hazards. The city condemns buildings that are in need of a lot of repair or are unsecured. Then the owner has to make repairs quickly or the city can demolish the building.

What if a blighted building was almost in the backyard of Danville’s Municipal Building?

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RandomThoughts! (10/5/15)

I was thinking today, and I was thinking randomly…

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PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #8

You readers love your classic cars, so we’re continuing our series on Reidsville’s August Cruise-In. This will be the eighth article in the series (we’ll have all the links in the body of the article). All of the classic cars will be back for Reidsville’s Fall Festival where prizes will be given out. But for now, let’s get back to the photos.

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PhotoCentral: Bright Leaf Hoedown – Part #2

The region’s fall festival season has taken a big hit with the rainy weather, but Yanceyville’s Bright Leaf Hoedown had perfect weather on September 19th. We’ve already published Part #1 of our PhotoCentral look at the festival, so let’s get back on track with Part #2 now.

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QuickHits! (10/4/15)

I took a rare day off yesterday, so let’s catch up with the stories that have caught my eye over the past week. That’s right… Sundays are QuickHits! days.

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River District Festival Fish Fry – Part #3

Let’s wrap up our look at Wednesday’s River District Festival Fish Fry . We’ve published Part #1 & Part #2 so far. We’re only two weeks away from the 2015 River District Festival and we’re really looking forward to this year’s event. Let’s get started with our last PhotoCentral article.

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YouCentral: Gary Miller talks about pollution spills.

Here at SouthsideCentral, we invite all people and organizations to send us opinion pieces and statements. We will publish them unedited on a space-available basis. YouCentral articles are solely the opinion of the writer or organization. They do not necessarily represent the views of SouthsideCentral nor of our advertisers. We also encourage comments on these articles as well as opposing viewpoints (and we’ll be glad to publish them, too).

In this YouCentral article, Danville City Councilman & Vice Mayor Dr. Gary Miller compares & contrasts the recent oil spill from Robert Woodall Chevrolet and the Duke Energy coal ash spill.

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Town Hall Terrors

The City of Danville denied a variance request from the City of Danville for work on a City of Danville building, so the City of Danville is having to go to a commission of the City of Danville to get a permit to do work for the City of Danville.

I have no idea what in the hell is going on here.

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Stay in touch with SouthsideCentral!

Editor’s Note: I’m republishing this article because I’ve had various short-form news updates during the day so far and plan on having more this weekend. Those types of short updates really don’t work well as article-type items. I’ve also added a link to the Facebook Southside News & Views group, where you can easily join in the conversation. Keep up with the latest SouthsideCentral information by following us on all of our social media platforms. is the best way to keep up on things happening in the Southside region, but we’re more than just the website. Here’s an updated list on all the social media platforms that we publish to. We often publish BonusCentral items and assorted other coverage on our other social media platforms. Follow SouthsideCentral on all of these, and you’re guaranteed to be right up to date with what is going on.

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River District Festival Fish Fry – Part #2

Let’s keep our PhotoCentral look at Wednesday’s River District Festival Fish Fry rolling along. We’ve already published Part #1, and here comes Part #2!

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River District Festival Fish Fry – Part #1

Wednesday was the night for the River District Festival Fish Fry fundraiser and SouthsideCentral was there. We’ve got some PhotoCentral articles to show you what went on. Let’s get to the first one now!

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River District Festival Fish Fry – TODAY!

Today’s the day! I’m ready for a great fish dinner and I hope you are too. Let’s raise some money for the River District Festival and have a great time because it’s time for a good ol’ fish fry at Danville’s Community Market!

UPDATE: The event is now offering take-out plates for $12. If you don’t have the time to stay for the event, you can still get a great dinner. Stop by the Community Market between 5 and 8 PM to get yours to go.

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Review: “That Burrito Spot”

Lots of SouthsideCentral friends told me that I had to go to “That Burrito Spot” and do a review, because they knew I’d love the place. My SouthsideCentral friends didn’t let me down (and they never do). Once you find “That Burrito Spot” and give it a try, you’ll be coming back often.

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OddsMakers! (9/29/15)

The door has been locked over at the SouthsideCentral writers’ room for the past two days, so that means that those evil people were putting something devious together. That means it’s OddsMakers time, where we take a look at the chances that certain things will happen. Remember that I’m always correct on my OddsMakers predictions (because I disregard the ones that I have blown badly).

I hate this as much as you do, folks. Hee hee.

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PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #7

We’re continuing to clean out the backlog of PhotoCentral articles here at SouthsideCentral. Let’s keep going with our look at Reidsville’s August Cruise-In. The photos may be over a month old, but that doesn’t matter when you’re looking at the beautiful classic cars.

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PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #6

After a blah & rainy weekend like this one, let’s get back to some classic cars from Reidsville’s August Cruise-In. These photos will cheer you up instantly. We’ve published five articles in this series, but the last one was three weeks ago. Let’s resume where we left off.

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QuickHits! (9/27/15)

Sunday is the day for QuickHits! Let’s take a look at the stories that have caught my eye over the past week.

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Thumbs! (9/26/15)

I’ve never had a green Thumb!, but I have lots of them in my articles. I also have red ones, too. Let’s see if they’re UP! or DOWN! today…

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LightningRound! (9/25/15)

The clouds are moving in and we could use the rain. Let’s add a little Lightning to the mix. The LightningRound articles are mixups of things happening throughout the region that really aren’t big enough for their own article.

Hands on your buzzers, players. Let’s start the LightningRound!

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Danville’s Newest Restaurant: The 616 (Part #4)

With The 616‘s official ribbon cutting happening at 4 PM on Friday (you’re invited!), it’s time to wrap up our sneak preview of the farm-to-table restaurant. We’ve published Part #1, Part #2 and Part #3 of the PhotoCentral series from Wednesday’s sneak preview night. Let’s wrap it up with the final look at inside & outside of the restaurant.

Look at the beautiful custom-made woodwork.

Here’s a final look at the Chef’s Private Dinner Room.

Mike & Courtney Nicholas, HELLO!

I’m wrapping up my photos, and of the terrific employees pulls me to the side. He says “You’ve got to get the bathrooms too, because we’ve made them just as beautiful.” So in a first for SouthsideCentral, we have bathroom photos. Here’s the decorations in the men’s room.

Here’s the women’s room. Yes, of course I was escorted here.

The Neopolis Live! stage will feature music from all genres, with Jerry Meadors helping book the talent. Tonight, we have a piano player on a historic old piano.

The Copper Bar is… well, a copper bar, and it’s spotless. We’re done inside, so let’s head out the door.

You can’t get more historic than this, folks.

A classic neon sign adds to the historic ambiance of the building.

That’s it, folks. You’ve gotten the most complete look inside and out of The 616. The only thing left for you is to have dinner there. I hope you do it soon and I know you’ll love it. Special thanks to owner Steve DelGiorno and executive chef Chris King for their hospitality. You’ll get the same food, drinks, service and hospitality that I did, folks.

Danville’s Newest Restaurant: The 616 (Part #3)

The official ribbon cutting for “The 616“, Danville’s new farm-to-table restaurant is Friday, September 25th at 4 PM. Everyone is invited to attend. Here at SouthsideCentral, we’ve featured the restaurant in Part #1 & Part #2 of our PhotoCentral series. You’ve seen some of the amazing food and taken a look around the restaurant. In Part #3, we’ll continue looking around The 616.

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Danville’s Newest Restaurant: The 616 (Part #2)

We’re continuing our look at The 616, Danville’s newest farm-to-table restaurant that is opening soon. In Part #1, we looked at some of the amazing food from the sneak preview night. In Part #2, we’re going to take a look around the restaurant. Let’s get started!

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